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The Martin Family Law Firm assists families with most civil law issues.  We do not handle personal injury cases or criminal cases.  We can assist you if your family is facing an issue affecting the elderly, such as a conservatorship.  We represent individuals with trust drafting, modifications and trust administration.  We can assist you if you have a Family Law issue, such as a divorce or a post judgment modification.  We can assist you with a probate or Will question, and can help negotiate and draft a premarital agreement.  In short, ours is a family run law firm that helps other families with their legal problems.  We can help you by using our experience, creativity and sophistication.

  • Extensive Experience in Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Strong Advocates of Alternatives to Litigation



Family Law

Family law is the general term for law affecting marriages and families. The area includes premarital agreements, divorce, post-marital transfers, and judgment modifications.


Protected Persons Law

Protected Persons Law provides legal safeguards and protections for those unable to defend or look after themselves or their estates. Guardianships protect minors (children), and conservatorships protect adults and elders.